Beauty and Cosmetics Marketing Case Study | Bryan & Candy

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Bryan & Candy, New YorkBeauty & Cosmetics Brand Marketing

About the brand

Bryan and Candy, New York is transforming the grooming habits of men and women worldwide by offering a wide range of premium grooming & wellness products that reflect all the latest international trends. When the brand began its journey it invited nudg to work closely in helping develop and manage its key beauty and cosmetics product marketing. First, this included the nudg digital marketing team plan the initial go-to-market strategy. Second, nudg also designed and developed a Shopify e-commerce website, and managed Amazon Seller Central to drive online sales for the brand. Third, to drive brand awareness and recall, communications over social media marketing, PPC campaigns & ads across networks helped users discover the brand. Finally promotions, influencer marketing, video production, emailers, and other strategies continue to support the brand as it grows its market and expands its offers.

Key Marketing Services

Key Marketing Services
11-influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing & Content Production

To expand reach, nudg engaged fashion & beauty influencers to promote and produce content.

19-website development

E-Commerce Website Development

nudg designed, developed and managed the brand's Shopify e-commerce website to drive sales.

4-amazon seller services

Amazon Seller Central & Sponsored Ads

nudg manages listing, promotions, page optimization, and Amazon SEO to increase sales, and category visibility.

A High-Performance
Shopify E-Commerce Website


As the brand began to list its range online, the key objective was to showcase the core benefits each of the products offered. A growing trend in beauty and cosmetics product marketing was a deep focus on extensive research, skin-friendly ingredients and eco-friendly practices, all of which the brand had achieved. To communicate all these factors, the nudg team recommended the robust and reliable Shopify E-Commerce platform. This was after evaluating various alternatives including WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento and even custom platforms. Once designed and implemented, the website clearly conveyed the brand’s product range and offered a quick, responsive and mobile-friendly customer experience for users. 

To ensure a seamless and hasslefree experience, the website also used popular payment gateways including CCAvenue, and PayU. Additionaly, gifting and corporate sections were added to increase sales revenue from emerging verticals for the business.

Beauty & Cosmetics Product Marketing
with Social Media & PPC Ads

As we launched the brand, we wanted to ensure the core values and unique selling proposition of the brand was evident in every aspect. At the same time so many beauty and cosmetics products were marketing themselves on social media — it was important for us to create a memorable and distinctive voice. 

This began with identifying the key networks for the brand, where Instagram took the top spot, followed by Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. After this, the creative and strategic team cracked the content marketing strategy and social media engagement strategy. This included contests, influencer engagements and tactical media buys, the brand saw its audience and followers explode across networks. 

The results of the social media engagement led to postive brand sentiment amongst millions across India discovered the brand. Which led to a direct lift in the sales and revenues for the business.

Managed Amazon Seller Services,
Promotions, PPC & Optimization

The nudg team helped set up and manage the brands Amazon Seller Central and also created the Amazon Storefront to better enhance the brand presentation and showcase its product range. This included creating everything from the product photos, listing titles & product information with keyword optimization, as well as driving promotions using sponsored listings, lightning deals and more. Additionally, the nudg team helped the business team maximize opportunities from Amazon by increasing visibility and sales for the products using offsite promotions. This was done using Google Search Ads and Social Media retargeting campaigns which reengaged previous buyers and those considering a purchase.

Amazon Storefront

Influencer Marketing Campaigns
on Instagram, TikTok & YouTube

Beauty and Fashion Influencers played a key role in helping the brand gain traction over the years. Ranging from bollywood celebrities to up-and-coming creators and influencers, many passionately endorse and help promote the brand consistently. A key role for the nudg team is match the brands objectives to the ideal influencers. Once done, our team reaches out to these influencers and coordinates the campaign to ensure adherence to brand guidelines and marketing campaign objectives. Lastly, the team also analyzes the results of campaigns and uses tracking and affiliate mechanisms to meansure the outcomes from each campaign. 

Overall, the brand has been able to see significant benefits to its business and online sales , as well as branded content ever since it has engaged influencers via nudg’s digital marketing agency team.

Graphic Design & 3D Product Models
for E-Commerce & Promotions

When any brand launches its offerings online, one of the first challenges it faces is the need for professionally shot, and well-staged product photographs. While nudg works with a range of photopgraphers, including product photography specialists, for Bryan and Candy, nudg used 3D modelling to get the job done. Photo-realistic 3D Product models were made to match the exact product specifications and needs the brand had, while also presenting a vivid expression for the audience to understand the brand look and personality. Combined with actual photoshoots and content creation, 3D Modelling allowed the brand to rapdily showcase its offerings online and save thousands of dollars in the bargain. These 3D techniques even helped the brand in its future exploration with new products its R&D team was testing. 

A Success Story for
Beauty & Cosmetics Product Marketing

Success Stories

Since nudg was a key partner as the brand began its journey, we have seen millions of users find, discover and love the products over the years. As the brand focused on bringing only the most desirable products to market, nudg marketing consulting focused on sharing the most practical and high-impact insights to help accelerate the brands growth. Partnered since the early stages, Bryan and Candy has grown multifold in its business. Here are some key highlights we have been able to achieve for the brand.


growth in sales

Since the brand takes a digital-first approach to offer its products, nudg has focused on improving sales multifold. This covered growth over one year in combination with transactions over Amazon & the brand’s own website. 


targeted reach

As a young brand, nudg helps online marketing communications reach over 20M unique users each quarter. These are users who match at least three key targeting criteria across online social media and search networks.


post engagement

The brand is exponentially growing its online audience, and nudg produces a steady content flow to drive social engagement. These posts on average generate at least 700+ engagements across Facebook & Instagram.


influencers reached

A consistent outreach program has attracted thousands of influencers and celebrities to engage with the brand over the years. However only a handful have made the cut to represent the brand and its values online. 

Other Services

Other Services

As a key marketing partner for Bryan & Candy, nudg also supports the brand with additional services and consulting which are key to the brands success. These services encompass all key marketing, technology and design aspects early and mid-stage e-commerce brands need to get their business online and thriving. 

15-graphic design
16-video production
17-content writing

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Advertisements for Kids Marketing Luma World Case Study

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Luma WorldPromoting game-based learning with more than just advertisements for kids

About Luma World

Helping children develop their foundations with stronger game-based learning, Luma World is an innovative startup which offers gaming kits and fun events where kids can learn through play. That is why they reached out to nudg to help do more than just make advertisements for kids, but rather develop a holistic brand and communication mix. Nudg worked closely with the founders to develop and execute the core go-to-market strategy, and branding for the business. 

Our Solutions

Our Solutions
3-marketing consultation

Marketing & Design Consulting

We worked with the founders to clarify branding, and develop the brand's growth & go-to-market strategy.

7-social media marketing

Social Media Marketing & Engagement

nudg activated & launched key social media platforms. While also engaging the audience & producing content.

19-website development

Shopify E-Commerce Website Development

Our team captured the essence of the brand to design & develop the brand's e-commerce platform on Shopify.

Shopify E-Commerce Design & Development

We used the Shopify e-commerce platform meet the brand’s need to showcase its unique value proposition, while also offering a safe, secure and great customer experience. Drawing inspiration from the wonderful products and narratives, exciting pages were designed and developed from scratch. Each section of the website was also made mobile-responsive, interactive, and clearly demonstrated the core reasons to believe in the brand and each product. 

Deep analytics and insights were also also in-built into the pages to allow the the business team to gather key customer insights.

Taking social media marketing
beyond just advertisements for kids

The social media profiles of the brand were created with the intent to foster community and powerful engagement. From the start, both the nudg team and the founding team worked closely to ensure there was valuable and insightful content shared with the community. Since the brand was also in the initial stages of establishing its presence in the market, we also helped maximize impact from events, contests and other online and offline engagements. 

The brand also made strategic investments to grow its visibility. This was done using promotions on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. Email Marketing campaigns were also powerful strategies which helped re-engage users and buyers to grow testimonials and positive reviews. 

Our team also actively engaged the brand’s audience as it grew to answer questions and develop a highly engaged community.

Why core brand guidelines
and stories were key

The brand had already considered various brand options but none had clicked yet. The nudg team re-designed the brand identity and developed core brand guidelines not just for the brand identity, but also for the voice and usage. This proved helpful in ensuring packaging design, website development, communications across online and offline channels remained consistent and scaled as the brand grew.

Brand outcomes and successes

Success Stories

The team at nudg was able to launch and promote Luma World so it could build its traction and win initial product sales. This focus on initial branding, go-to-market strategy and promotions have helped position Luma World to continue on its path to become a leading experiential education activity provider for kids.


parents reached  

A positive brand perception was created with the launch campaign reaching the key target audience.


user engagement

On social media Luma World users engaged more with content shared than similar brands in the category.


average session

Engaging content, beautiful design and interactive pages helped improve session times of visitors on the website.


bounce rate

The website clocked one of the lowest bounce rates in the e-commerce category with higher session durations.

Other Services

Other Services

The campaigns also needed nudg to draw from its extended marketing services to help maximize outcomes for the brand. These included a blend of technology, marketing and strategic services. The combination of which played a pivotal role in achieving the key outcomes for Luma World.

1-brand development
16-video production
12-seo services
9-emailer marketing

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