Specials Days in December 2020: Important National and International Days List

Imagine sitting outside a cafe, sipping java and eating chocolate cookies on the chilly days of the year! Do you remember? Mingling around your friends and families to celebrate the jingly days of Christmas! Yes, it’s that time to take the stress out of your gloomy year. December 2020 brings out the best of the snowy mornings along with the joyous days that make your life more exciting. From celebrating the conservation of wildlife all around the globe to feasting and gifting your loved ones on Christmas, the month of December 2020 is tucked between a couple of huge holidays.Including all national festivals of India, international events and celebrations, let’s learn more about the important days in December 2020 with this exhaustive list. Cuddle around December 2020 and feel the warmth all day long!
  • 1 December World Aids Day

With a global estimate of around 38 million people suffer from HIV positive. Though we have scientific advances in HIV treatment, more than 35 million people have died of AIDS, making it one of the most destructive pandemics in history. World Aids is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV, to show support for people living with HIV, and to commemorate those who have died from an AIDS-related illness.

World Aids Day
  • 2 December International Day for Abolition of Slavery

  • Modern slavery has seized more than 40 million people worldwide. International Day for the Abolition of Slavery is organized by the United Nations General Assembly to aware of and unite the people around the world about the types of slavery that cover the practices such as forced labour, debt bondage, forced marriage, and human trafficking.
  • 3 December UN International Day of Person with Disabilities

  • Disability day or International Day of the Person with Disability is encouraged by the officials of the United Nations. This day aims to raise awareness about the benefits of integrating disabled persons into every aspect of life, from economic to political to social and cultural. Whether a person is suffering a mental or physical disability, people all around the world work together by supporting and showcasing them as vibrant members of society.
  • 4 December Indian Navy Day

  • Celebrated on December 4, Indian Navy Day is dedicated to the attack launched by the Indian Navy on Karachi harbor during 1971’s Indo-Pakistan war. It is also celebrated to work towards securing marine borders and bolstering relationships with other countries through joint exercises, humanitarian missions and relief operations.
  • 5 December World Soil Day

  • The importance of soil is always forgotten by us as sapiens! From contributing to our food, water and energy and playing an essential part in reducing the impact of climate change, soil indeed keeps us in a living state. This day aims to educate and aware people to stop the process of deforestation on a large scale, which leads to the erosion of soil. Planting more and more trees to help cultivate the freshness of soil can make a big difference to Mother Nature.
  • 6 December Bartender Appreciation Day

  • Cheers to all the bartenders of the globe, for it is World Bartenders Day. It is a day to appreciate and recognize the work men and women are doing behind bars, pubs, breweries and wineries. On this day, go to a bar or pub and celebrate the day with shots of your favorite alcohol with your bartender or just become a bartender yourself!
  • 7 December Armed Forces Flag Day

  • Armed Forces Day is celebrated in India to honor the martyrs and the people in uniform who bravely fought on our borders to safeguard the country’s honor. This day has been observed since 1949 and over the years it has become a responsibility to look after disabled comrades-in-arms, widows and dependents of those who sacrificed their life for the country.
Brownie Day
National Brownie Day
    • 8 December National Brownie Day

Hunker down the big ol’ blend of cake and cookie on Brownie Day. Brownies are a delicious chunk of the with the extra touch of chocolate over it. Share with your friends, bake for your colleagues, or just give your boss the magical chocolate brick for an extra raise this year.

    • 9 December International Anti-Corruption Day

Corruption is a serious crime that can undermine social and economic development in all societies. Every year around $1 Trillion is paid by bribes. And to aware people around the world, the United Nations organizes International Anti-Corruption Day to describe the importance of empowering and mobilizing youth to fight for a corruption-free world.

    • 10 December Human Rights Day

Everyone is entitled to as a human being – regardless of race, colour, religion, sex, language, political or other opinions, national or social origin, property, birth or status. Universal Human Rights Day centers on the need to build a better life by ensuring Human Rights are central to recovery efforts.

    • 11 December UNICEF Birthday

After the second world war, families couldn’t survive to be a unit. To uplift the social, physical, educational and mental conditions of the children, the United Nations stepped up to curate emergency funds after the war. From December 11, 1946, until today, we celebrate the creation of UNICEF. Around the world, UNICEF responds when emergencies arise in war-torn countries, the aftermath of natural disasters and disease outbreaks.

    • 12 December International Day of Neutrality

The United Nations Council maintains protocol to prevent foreign participation in wars between the two(or more) countries. International Neutrality day aims to promote the use of preventive diplomacy, which is the core objective of the UN. The council raises awareness and recognition of the law that abides the nations to operate independently and effectively on this day.

Violin Day
World Violin Day
  • 13 December World Violin Day

    Create some sweet music with your own Stradivarius. Violin is a western classical instrument that emerged in the early 16th century in northern Italy. The violin day recognizes the impact and cultural contributions of the most versatile instrument in the world of music.

  • 14 December National Energy Conservation Day

  • Energy conservation is more than important for every one of us in these unprecedented times. To spread awareness about the significance of energy conservation in the country, the Energy Efficiency Bureau (BEE), a subordinate of the Ministry of Power, organizes National Energy Conservation Day. It showcases India’s achievements in energy and conservation. It also aims to save energy for future use.
  • 15 December International Tea Day

  • Originating from China, Tea has become an international significance to refresh your mornings, mood and spirits. Well, if you think of International Tea Day as a special occasion to drink a cup of tea, then you are wrong! We celebrate this day for tea workers to bring civil rights into action and improve the working conditions in the tea industry. Want a cup of tea?

  • 16 December Vijay Diwas

  • Vijay Diwas is celebrated every year to commemorate India’s victory over Pakistan in the 1971 war. The war of 1971 lasted for 13 days and settled down after Pakistan surrendered to India. The entire nation also celebrates this victory as ‘Kargil Vijay Diwas’.

    • 17 December Wright Brother’s Day

Imagine flying for the first time in the history of mankind with a newly invented aircraft! Wright Brothers Day is one such day that honors the first successful flight in a heavier-than-air, mechanically propelled airplane. Though we have reached a new level in the field of aerospace, we can never forget the first-ever, man made flight. Kudos to Wright Brothers!

    • 18 December Bake Cookies Day

Christmas is coming, fellas! Take a holiday or add this delicious day to your to-do on your weekend and bake some tasty, chocolate-y cookies for every sweet one in your life, including you. Bake cookies in groups with family, friends, kids and grandkids. Try one, two or three recipes and bake some delightful cookies.

    • 19 December Goa Liberation Day

Goa Liberation Day is celebrated every year to honor the freedom of Goa from Portuguese rule by the Indian Armed Forces and the complete independence of this beautiful Indian state. The state of Goa celebrates this day by paying tribute to the Indian soldiers. Special cultural performances also become a regular part of this celebration!

    • 20 December International Human Solidarity Day

Here’s a day to celebrate unity in diversity and raise awareness of the importance of solidarity. International Human Solidarity Day is celebrated all across the globe to keep the world together to promote peace, human rights, equality, social and economic development.

    • 21 December Winter Solstice (Shortest Day)

December marks the beginning of snowy, chilly and winter days. Winter Solstice is known for the shortest day and longest night of the year. This day is celebrated by following local rituals, feasting, and singing chants and carols with friends and relatives.

    • 22 December National Mathematics Day

Though students find it difficult to solve most of the problems related to mathematics, Srinivasa Ramanujan was something different when it came to maths. To honor his excellency in the world of Mathematics and celebrate his birth anniversary, the Indian Government declared 22nd December to be National Mathematics Day.

    • 23 December Kisan Day

The national farmer’s day is celebrated in India as Kisan Diwas to promote farmers’ welfare and prosperity while organizing various programs, discussions, workshops, exhibitions, and functions. This day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of the 5th Prime Minister, Choudhary Charan Singh who introduced many policies and laws for the well-being of all the farmers.

    • 24 December National Consumer Rights Day

To make every consumer more aware of their rights and responsibilities in India, we celebrate National Consumer Day. It highlights the importance of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 that had received the assent of the President. It was considered a historic milestone in the consumer movement in India.

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
  • 25 December Christmas

  • Christmas is the biggest holiday of the year. With the religious, traditional and cultural importance, Christmas is a celebration that brings family and friends together. We spread the holiday excitement by tuning around the jingly tunes, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and unpacking the gifts received by our loved ones. Decorate the Christmas tree, Spread Cheer and enjoy chuckles this day!
  • 26 December Boxing Day

  • When the day of Christmas passes, the celebration continues in the states of the United Kingdom and some parts of the world. One such day is known as Boxing Day, which is traditionally celebrated on 26th December to spend time with friends and family. It is a bank holiday or a public holiday for countries like Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. On this day, many people gather for meals, spend time outside, or relax at home and enjoy the day off.
  • 27 December Fruit Cake Day

  • Get inside your Grandma’s Kitchen and help her bake the fruit-filled holiday cake for the loved ones. Made with a delicious blend of fresh fruits, toasted nuts, and the essence of booze inside Fruitcake adds up to holiday spirits while binging on movies with your own huddle. Fruitcake Day has been celebrated since the 1900s, which became a traditional gifting ritual all over the world.
  • 28 December Card Playing Day

  • Shuffle those 52 cards, let your family sit tight and enjoy the game on Cards Playing Day. The end of the year is in sight, and cards are the perfect way towards a calmer, relaxing, and more slow-paced form of fun and entertainment. Spend the day playing cards with your squad and create many warm memories.
  • 29 December Winter Festival – Mount Abu

  • Soothe your nerves with the rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan. The Winter Festival is a three-day carnival that happens every year and offers tourists in Mount Abu a delightful vacation amidst some stunning vistas. For adventure buffs and sports enthusiasts, the Winter Festival is a paradise.
  • 30 December Bacon Day

  • Cook the star of your breakfast with slices of bacon and eggs on International Bacon Day. Celebrated all across the world, this delicious snack time originated by Chinese with pork bellies and a pinch of salt. It’s amazing, it’s convenient to cook and has superpowers to spring up your taste buds. Call your friends and go out to eat the best bacon in your locality.
  • 31 December New Year’s Eve

  • Bring out the glasses, call your friends, order freshly cooked pizzas and create memories before the clock ticks 12! Say hello to a new year and pay homage to the rite with thoughts of the year gone by. New Year’s Eve is a time to relax and enjoy the start of a bright and promising new year, a new beginning. Well, every year, we make resolutions. It’s easier to make a resolution but it’s harder to accomplish it. So take small steps and create your year a bigger, better one! Happy New Year.
1 DecemberWorld Aids DayMedical, Healthcare, WellnessGlobal
1 DecemberEat a red Apple DayFruits, HealthyUSA & Parts of the world
1 DecemberDay without Art DayCreativity,Arts, ArtistsParts of the world
2 DecemberInternational Day for Abolition for SlaveryHuman Rights, AwarenessGlobal
2 DecemberNational Pollution Control DayEnvironment, Pollution, CauseParts of the world
2 DecemberNational Fritters DayCorn, Fast Food, FoodUSA & parts of the world
2 DecemberSpecial Education DayEducation, AcademicsUnknown
3 DecemberUN International Day of Person with DisabilitiesAwareness, EducationalGlobal
3 DecemberMake a Gift DayGift, Friendship, SurpriseParts of the world
4 DecemberWorld Wildlife Conservation DayAnimals, WildlifeGlobal
4 DecemberIndian Navy DayArmy, Naval ForceIndia
4 DecemberWear Brown Shoes DayShoes, Footwear, AccessoriesParts of the world
4 DecemberNational Cookie DayDessert, Food, SweetsUSA & Parts of the world
4 DecemberInternational Cheetah DayAnimal, WildlifeGlobal
4 DecemberDice DayGame, Board GamesUSA & Parts of the world
5 DecemberInternational Ninja DayArt, Tradition, ActivityGlobal
5 DecemberWorld Soil DayEarth, EnvironmentGlobal
5 DecemberBathtub Party DayShower, Activity, FunParts of the world
5 DecemberWorld Pear DayFruit, Food, HealthyGLobal
6 DecemberMiner’s DayUnderground, ProfessionParts of the world
6 DecemberSt. Nicholas DayReligious, Festival, CelebrationUSA
6 DecemberBartender Appreciation DayCareers, Liquor, ProfessionEurope
7 DecemberInternational Civil Aviation DayFighter Jets, Aviation, AerospaceGlobally
7 DecemberNational Cotton DayMaterial, ApparelParts of the world
7 DecemberArmed Forces Flag DayBravery, Soldiers, ArmyIndia
7 DecemberWalt Disney DayCelebration, PlaceGlobal
8 DecemberBodhi DayReligious, Festival, CelebrationJapan
8 DecemberNational Brownie DayDessert, Food, SweetsUSA & Parts of the world
8 DecemberPretend to be a Time Traveller DayFun, Activity, Time TravelUSA
9 DecemberInternational Anti-Corruption DayCauseGlobal
9 DecemberPastry DayDessert, Food, SweetsEuropean Union & Parts of the world
9 DecemberTechno DayMusic, Sound, FunParts of the world
9 DecemberInternational Day of Veterinary Medicine DayCause, Medical, Healthcare, AnimalGlobal
10 DecemberHuman Rights DayHuman Rights, Cause, AwarenessGlobal
10 DecemberNobel Prize DayAwards, Ceremonies, EventsGlobal
10 DecemberInternational Animal Rights DayAnimal, WildlifeGlobal
11 DecemberInternational Mountain DayNature, EnvironmentGlobal
11 DecemberHave a Bagel DayFood, BreakfastUK, America, Canada and Parts of the world
11 DecemberLost & Found DayActivityUSA & Parts of the world
11 DecemberUNICEF BirthdayCelebration, Cause, AwarenessGlobal
12 DecemberInternational Day of NeutralityPeace, Freedom, ProsperityGlobal
13 DecemberUniversal Health Coverage DayHealthcare, MedicalGlobal
13 DecemberWorldwide Candle Lighting DayCeremony, Festival, CelebrationGlobal
13 DecemberWorld Violin DayActivities, Music, InstrumentGlobal
13 DecemberHorse DayAnimalParts of the world
14 DecemberNational Energy Conservation DayEnvironment, Cause, Awareness, ConsumptionIndia
14 DecemberMonkey DayAnimal, WildlifeUnknown
15 DecemberInternational Tea DayRefreshment, BeverageGlobal
15 DecemberNational Cupcake DayFood, Sweets, DessertUSA
16 DecemberVijay DiwasFreedom, Indian ArmyIndia
17 DecemberWright Brother’s DayAviation, AerospaceUSA & parts of the world
17 DecemberMaple Syrup DayFood, SweetUSA
18 DecemberInternational Migrants DayPeople, Awareness, CauseGlobal
18 DecemberMinorities Rights Day in IndiaHuman Rights, FreedomIndia
18 DecemberArabic Language DayLanguage, CulturalMiddle East, Saudi Arabia & parts of the world
19 DecemberGoa’s Liberation DayFreedom, Indian ArmyIndia
19 DecemberNational Emo DayPeople, AwarenessUSA & parts of the world
20 DecemberSangria DayDrink, Beverage, LiquorParts of the world
20 DecemberInternational Human Solidarity DayHuman Rights DayGlobal
21 DecemberCrossword Puzzle DayActivitiesUSA
21 DecemberWinter Solstice DayWeather, ClimateGlobal
22 DecemberNational Mathematics DayAcademics, EducationIndia
23 DecemberFestivusCelebration, Culture, FestivalParts of the world
23 DecemberRoots DayAncestors, Family, RelationshipGlobal
23 DecemberKisan DayFarmers, AgricultureIndia
24 DecemberChristmas EveCulture, FestivalGlobal
24 DecemberNational Consumer Rights DayTrade Practices, ConsumersIndia
25 DecemberChristmasCulture, Festival, ReligiousGlobal
26 DecemberBoxing DayWrestlingEurope & parts of the world
26 DecemberDay of GoodwillCause, ActivitiesUSA & parts of the world
27 DecemberVisit the zoo DayAnimals, WildlifeParts of the world
27 DecemberFruit Cake DayBaking, Food, DesertUSA
28 DecemberCard Playing DayFun, Activity, GamesUSA
29 DecemberTick Tock DayFun, ActivityParts of the world
29 DecemberWinter Festival – Mount AbuFestival, Ceremony, EventsIndia
30 DecemberBacon DayFood, Fast Food, Pork, MeatUSA
31 DecemberNew Year’s EveCelebration, Ceremony, FestivalGlobal
31 DecemberNo Interruptions DayOfficial, WorkParts of the world

List of Important Days in November: National and International Days List 2020 Festival Calendar

There is no better way to celebrate the days of November with your bosom buddies. November has an abundance of special days to offer, from welcoming the season of chills to celebrating thanksgiving at the end of the month. With a lot of diversified celebrations around the world, let’s pick the best upcoming days in a year that will gratify your mind, soul & body. Get some food on a vegan day, spread kindness around you on World Kindness Day, visit a nearby shopping mart to splurge on a Black Friday & celebrate the festival of lights, Diwali, while shedding positivity everywhere.
Including all national festivals of India, international events and celebrations, let’s learn more about the important days of November with this exhaustive list. Welcome November 2020, with open arms!

World Vegan Day
World Vegan Day
  • 1 November – World Vegan Day

    Here’s a day to celebrate the days of the vegan diet & veganism. This day was commemorated in 1994 by the vegan society who did not partake in the exploitation of animal products. Celebrate this day with your vegan friends & visit a number of festivals & exhibitions around your neighbourhood.

  • 2 November – Look For Circles Day

    Circles are everywhere. Turn this day by simply looking out of circles around your environment. If you go out on Look for Circles Day you probably will find a lot more circles than you would ever have expected.

  • 3 November – Daylight Saving Day

    Winter is here, snuggle inside your blanket & enjoy a darker day while saving the daylight period for your everyday activity. Take the advantage of the sunlight & spare yourself from the artificial light source.

  • 4 November – Use Your Common Sense Day

    See what’s on the tin & celebrate Use your Common Sense Day like that. It’s that simple, just use your common sense & take a little more time to stop and consider your options before acting on impulse.

Bonfire Day
Bonfire Day
  • 5 November – Bonfire Day

    The synonym of ‘bonfire’ is celebrating your vivid moments. Light your own blaze around the camps with your amigos & celebrate Bonfire Night in an easier way by simply enjoying the traditional meal of bangers and mash.

  • 6 November – Nachos Day

    Here’s a universal snack that is loved by the whole world! With delicious, hot & spicy bites, celebrate Nachos Day by cooking up some good old-fashioned nachos of your own.

  • 7 November – International Stout Day

    Chug a stout on the go! Though stouts take time to be malted, it takes minutes to drink it. Celebrate this day by sipping & savouring your favourite stout with a bunch of lads with some preferrable snacks.

  • 8 November – International Tongue Twister Day

    Tongue Twister Day encourages you to give your tongue a workout with some difficult tongue twisters of the year. Celebrate this linguistic dance by practicing, reciting, and sharing it with your friends and family. Feeling ambitious? Try “sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep’s sick”.

  • 9 November – World Freedom Day

    Freedom has always been taken for granted. Whether it’s freedom to travel, in a relationship, choose any religion, choose the person you love. World Freedom Day is to celebrate the liberty to express your visions & thoughts to change the world to make it a better place.

  • 10 November – International Accounting Day

    Does the sight of a ledger book make your head spin? That’s why we have accountants to figure it all out. Your job, school, bank, religious institution, and the government wouldn’t survive without those dedicated number crunchers. To celebrate the behind-the-scenes of the management of accounting, we help them to achieve the financial goals for a day.

  • 11 November – World Origami Day

    Here’s a day for all the paper folding fanatics. For all those who start picking a piece of paper, rupee bills, cloth, napkins, or anything that holds a crease, then this day is perfect for you to impress others with the art of creating origami works.

  • 12 November – Happy Hour Day

    It’s an hour of the day to chug a few beers, chowing down free or reduced chicken wings, fries & wild snacks with your buddies. Happy Hour Day is your go-to day to enjoy & celebrate with the hefty offers on different restaurants & cafes.

  • 13 November – World Kindness Day

    World Kindness Day started with an aim to spread & raise awareness about the importance of kindness to as many people across the world. It’s a day to learn, teach, and share your kindness with others.

Festival of lights - Diwali
  • 14 November – Diwali

    Popularly known as the ‘festival of lights’, Diwali is a 3-day celebration where friends, families & relatives come together to enjoy the feast on sweet delicacies, exchange gifts, play games, and burn crackers. It symbolizes the victory of light over darkness.

  • 15 November – Love to write Day

    When you start writing your own blog, article, or even a book, you start with just one word. On Love to Write Day, consider throwing a writing and reading party for your friends & take advantage to learn, write & expand your ideas to achieve your writing goals.

  • 16 November – Bhai Dooj

    Celebrate the bond of brother & sister with the traditional rituals on Bhai Dooj. This revelry underlies the spirit of piety, love, and care for the well-being of the relation between them.

  • 17 November – World Prematurity Day

    World Prematurity Day is for the issues facing infants who are born prematurely. People celebrate the development and growth of older babies and children who were born prematurely and also a great day to support healthcare members of the community who work with newborns or premature infants.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse
  • 18 November – Mickey & Minnie Mouse Day

    The mouse that every kid loves, it’s Mickey & Minnie’s birthday today. On Mickey & Minnie Mouse’s birthday, celebrate the day with your gone-by friends & watch the magical kingdom of Disney’s iconic duo altogether.

  • 19 November – International Men’s Day

    Celebrate International Men’s Day by focussing on improving the longevity & health of men around you. While embracing men, encourage them by uplifting their mental wellbeing & present the true face of masculinity to those who need to see it.

  • 20 November – Universal Children’s Day

    It is believed that kids are the gifts of god! Celebrate Universal Children’s Day by spending a great day with them & do something both fun and educational that the whole family can enjoy.

  • 21 November – World Hello Day

    World Hello Day is to promote peace all around the globe. Just go out in the world & greet ten people & spread positivity by simply saying ‘Hello’. Let’s all play a part by improving the culture for the youth of the world.

  • 22 November – Go for a ride Day

    Let’s get into the wild & ride along with the serene beauty around us. Celebrate Go for a Ride Day by hopping on your bike, into your car, or simply get your walking boots out of storage and go on a trip.

Espresso Day
Espresso Day
  • 23 November – Espresso Day

    Keep your mornings refreshing with the refinement of coffee. Get yourself the most potent elements delivered in special cups & celebrate Espresso Day with the strongest drink on the menu.

  • 24 November – Evolution Day

    We have reached in the future with a whole lot of technological impact. Charles Darwin’s theory about the sapiens’ evolution from an early age to the modern-age turned the world upside down in this thinking of how we came to be. Celebrate this day by gathering more & more understanding about evolution & promote this learning with other people as well.

  • 26 November – Thanksgiving

    Family, food, fun, football, this is what Thanksgiving is all about. Thanksgiving is one of the most loved celebratory holidays without an established gift-giving component. This day urges everyone to be grateful for all the things in your life.

Black Friday
Black Friday
  • 27 November – Black Friday

    Here’s a day that defines the epitome of consumerism all around the world, but mostly in the states of America. Black Friday is all about shopping, where retailers make huge discounts on their prices and open their doors at early hours. Go out & splurge on your favorite apparel, shoes, accessories & the things you love.

  • 28 November – French Toast Day

    A blend of eggs, milk & cinnamon with a slice of bread dipped in makes our mornings delicious & complete! French Toast Day honors this breakfast delight and encourages you to enjoy it for breakfast with a few friends.

  • 30 November – St Andrews Day

    Here’s a Christian feast day considered to be a national holiday in Scotland and across Europe. St Andrews Day is celebrated all around the country with a grand festival of Scottish culture, featuring traditional recitations, cuisine, and, of course, a rollicking ceilidh.

    A list of some other important days in November 2020 that can excite your days while escaping the weekly blues.

1 NovemberNational Author’s DayWriter, Books, AuthorsUSA
1 NovemberNational Brush DayOralcare, Dental, HealthUSA
1 NovemberWorld Vegan DayFestival, Environment,Vegetarian, VeganGlobally
1 NovemberNational Vinegar DayCooking & FoodUSA
2 NovemberDay of the DeadFamilyMexico
2 NovemberBison DayAnimals, WildlifeUSA
2 NovemberLook for Circles DayKids, GeometryUnknown
3 NovemberDaylight Saving DayElectricity, SavingsParts of the world
3 NovemberHomemaker DayHouseholds, ActivitiesParts of the world
3 NovemberCliché DayActivity, CelebrationsParts of the world
3 NovemberSandwich DayFoods, MealsUSA & Parts of the world
3 NovemberHousewife’s dayJobs, HousewivesParts of the world
4 NovemberCandy DayChocolates, Candies
4 NovemberKing Tut DayEgyptian, KingEgypt
4 NovemberUse Your Common Sense DayMind, HealthParts of the world
5 NovemberBonfire DayCelebrations, FestivalsUSA & European Nations
5 NovemberLoveyour Red Hair DayHaircare, Hair ColourIreland, USA
6 NovemberNational Nachos DayFoods, Meals, SnacksMexico & USA
7 NovemberInternational Stout DayBeer, beverageGlobally
8 NovemberCappuccino DayCoffee, BeverageParts of the world
8 NovemberSTEM Day (Kids)Kids, Educational,Board GamesGlobally
8 NovemberInternational TongueTwister DayTongue Twister, Games, FunGlobally
9 NovemberWorld Freedom DayLiberty, FreedomGlobally
9 NovemberGo to an Art Museum DayArt, Crafts, MuseumUSA & European Nations
9 NovemberFried Chicken DayFood, Non Vegetarian, MeatUSA
10 NovemberVanilla Cupcake DayFood, Beverage, DessertParts of the world
10 NovemberInternational Accounting DayFinance, AccountsIndia & Parts of the world
11 NovemberNational Education DayEducation, LiteracyIndia
11 NovemberVeteran’s DayHistorical, MilitaryUSA
11 NovemberWorld Origami DayArts, CraftsParts of the world,Europe, China, and Japan
11 NovemberMetal Day(Music)Music, Art, MetalParts of the world
12 NovemberGurunanak JayantiFestive, Culture, CelebrationIndia & Parts of the world
11 NovemberSingles DayActivitiesChina
12 NovemberHappy Hour DayCelebrations, Activities
12 NovemberWorld Pneumonia DayHealthcare, MedicalGlobally
13 NovemberWorld Kindness DayAwareness, Mental WellnessGlobally
13 NovemberFriday the 13thReligion, Superstition, MythUSA, Parts of the world
13 NovemberPudding DayDessert, SweetsUK & parts of the world
14 NovemberChildren’s Day (Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru Birthday)Activity, Celebrations, ChildrenIndia
14 NovemberDiwaliFestival, CelebrationIndia, parts of the world
14 NovemberWorld Diabetes DayHealthcare, MedicalGlobally
15 NovemberI Love to Write DayActivity, Hobby, StationeryUSA
16 NovemberInternational Day for ToleranceMental Wellness, Cause,AwarenessGlobally
16 NovemberBhai DoojRelationship, LoveIndia
16 NovemberFast Food DayFood, Meals, Fast FoodUSA
17 NovemberUnfriend DayFriendship, FriendsParts of the world
17 NovemberWorld Prematurity DayHealth, WellnessGlobally
18 NovemberMickey Mouse Day &Minnie Mouse DayDisney, Cartoons, KidsPop CultureGlobally
18 NovemberPrincess DayChildren, Pop Culture, GirlsUSA
19 NovemberInternational Men’s DayCelebration, Adults,Globally
19 NovemberEntrepreneurs DayBusiness, Brands, CareersUSA
19 NovemberWorld Toilet DaySanitisation, HealthcareGlobally
20 NovemberChhath PujaFestive, CultureIndia, Nepal, USA, UK and some regions of Africa
20 NovemberUniversal Children’s DayAwareness, KidsGlobally
21 NovemberWorld Hello DayCommunication, ExpressionGlobally
21 NovemberWorld Television DayEntertainment, TechnologyGlobally
22 NovemberGo For a Ride DayCommution, TransportationUSA
23 NovemberEspresso DayCoffee, BeverageEurope, USA, Italy &parts of the world
24 NovemberEvolution DayOrigination, Early Age
24 NovemberCelebrate Your Unique Talent DayTalent, Celebration
26 NovemberWorld Lewis DayAnimals, KoalasGlobally
26 NovemberThanksgivingCelebration, Festival, CultureUSA, Parts of the world
27 NovemberBlack FridayShopping, SalesGlobally
28 NovemberFrench Toast DayFood, BrunchGlobally
28 NovemberRed Planet DayMars, Universe, PlanetsGlobally
30 NovemberSt. Andrews DayReligion, Celebration,Culture, RitualScotland, Romania, Germany, Austria, Poland, and Russia.