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Jammin' Digital Event Marketing for a Live Music Concert for YouTube

Leveraging Digital for Powerful Event Marketing

When Jammin’ was conceived by Qyuki and YouTube India joined the project, the event management team wanted to hire the best digital marketing company to promote it’s flagship IP. Headling with India’s Oscar-winning legendary maestro, A. R. Rahman, and other legendary composers and YouTubers, the concert was a first-of-its-kind initiative. As this new IP was going to bring together 4 bollywood legends and 9 popular YouTube creators in a never before seen format, expectations were high. So, the nudg marketing team worked closely with the event teams to drive each of the 12 weekly music videos and finally promoted the mega-concert. Finally, the concert was a sold-out event held in Mumbai’s leading concert venue NSCI Dome, and was the first and only digital-to-offline concerts. 

The lineup of stars included Bollywood Maestros AR Rahman, Salim-Sulaiman, Mithoon, Clinton Cerejo with nine YouTube stars Sanam Band, Shraddha Sharma, Siddharth Slathia, Jonita Gandhi, Arjun Kanungo, Maati Baani, Sanah Moidutty, Raaga Trippin’ and Mumbai’s Finest.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions
11-influencer marketing

Celebrity & Influencer Marketing

Jammin' featured global celebrities and rising YouTube stars alike. We leveraged their reach to promote the event and meet its key objectives.

28-technology & development

Website Design & Development

All event marketing strategies eventually converged online. Launches, contests, ticketing, and more happened on the website.

7-social media marketing

Social Media Management & Engagement

Digital marketing events need a strong social platform. At first, while social media started from zero, it grew in time to become a key platform.

The Event Marketing Plan for Social Media

Social Media

The client wished to use social media marketing to emphasize the scale of the concert. While this remained an objective, the challenge was that zero-paid promotions would be used online. The nudg marketing agency team developed a strategy which would maximize the already existing social reach of the talent to funnel them to the new property. Since it was a prestigious event, the celebrities were more than happy to join the music marketing activity with a variety of retweets, contests and more. Additionally, 3D, 360º, Carousel, and interactive content was also developed.

Event marketing examples used on social media involved teasers, countdowns, and also backstage coverage. Live impromptu sessions and masterclasses also helped the audience connect with their stars. 

Various fan-clubs and superfans were also directly engaged to maximize impact and ensure every post went viral the moment they were posted. Overall, the social media outcomes were fantastic and far surpassed the clients expectations.

How the Website Helped in Event Marketing

Website Strategy

When it comes to exploring marketing ideas for events, websites often get overlooked. The website strategy for Jammin’ served offer key event marketing examples of ideas that work. For starters, the structure of the website was designed for SEO & search traffic, with pages for each artiste created to promote their music video releases. Followed by music marketing strategy which directly linked to the eventual concert ticket sales. Additionally, the website UI & UX approach was also used to explain and organize contests, showcase new releases, press coverage, and finally sell concert tickets in just few days from launch. 

Another key part of the event marketing plan was the planned release of various music videos. Each a collaboration between music talents of different genres and audience types. In other words, an experienced bollywood composer like Mithoon would collaborate with YouTube musical duo Maati Baani to create Naina Bawre (linked below). 

Each release was also marketed with teasers to build buzz. Second, the release reveal with behind-the-scenes content helped drive views. Third, the countdown and audience engagement ideas kept the audience eager and closely engaged. Lastly, on release social was used to amplify views and ensure virality for all the video releases. In the end, all videos clocked millions of views on release.

Vist the channel to see how the videos performed.

Live Concert Event Marketing Strategies

Live Events

Although the event was sold out, the audience eager to join the concert online was at least 100 times larger than the audience at the concert. To deliver a memorable experience, the nudg marketing team worked to augment the on-stage coverage with red carpet live streams, event updates, online support and even organized fun activities for the meet-and-greet events. 

At the event site, nudg setup a ‘Live Studio’ which included key creative and strategy teams. While our team photographer covered the event and fed live content to the studio, the design and copy teams pushed constant updates to our audience on social platforms. All in all, the marketing ideas for events found great success on social, web and mobile touch-points. 

Campaign Success Stories

Success Story

By all measures the Jammin’ property was a huge success. nudg takes some pride in the fact that we were the sole marketing agency working on the project. Each week saw millions of users reached, incredible entertainment delivered, and brands who were ecstatic about the impact they were seeing. To be sure, our goal was to ensure the audience enjoyed every moment, and they sure did. To conclude, it helps the reflect on the many wins we had as a team with the wonderful client team by our side, supporting us and allowing us to do what we do best — market!


earned media value

Together with the ongoing marketing activities, brands earned phenomenal PR coverage and organic reach.


unique influencers

In light of the creator driven positioning, nudg also engaged over 1300+ creators to produce their own covers at no cost.


average response

During the key event dates, the nudg campaign team actively engaged and responded to audience in record times.


impressions earned

By the time the event concluded, the campaign had won millions of audience impressions on just social media alone.

Other Services

Other Services

In addition to the event marketing efforts on digital platforms, nudg also supported the brand with additional marketing services. Please feel free to explore the services here to learn more about how nudg solves end-to-end marketing challenges for our brands. 

16-video production
15-graphic design
21-cloud hosting
24-business intelligence

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