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Cheep Home ServicesUI UX Design & Hyperlocal Marketing

Solving UI UX Design for the Cheep app

In order to serve India’s booming urban middle class, the Cheep Care app built a powerful on-demand home services platform. Prior to launch, the founders wanted to ensure great UI UX Design was a key advantage so people could easily navigate and find the services they wanted. After a multi-agency pitch and extensive evaluation process, nudg was awarded the design and marketing mandate. As a specialized UI Design Agency, nudg went to work on solving a few key challenges before proceeding further. 

Featured Marketing Services

Marketing Services

UI UX Design

Given that the app wanted to establish deep trust, nudg crafted a unique UX & UI design approach to meet those key brand goals

7-social media marketing

Social Media Marketing

So that the audience could organically discover the brand, nudg used popular memes and geo-targeted advertising campaigns

2-customer experience

Customer Experience

Because the app offered a variety of services and a subscription model, CX, and retention strategies were key aspects of the growth strategy

How we Optimized the Website UI for Hyperlocal Discovery

It was well understood that users would need to build trust with the brand before requesting any service. In this case, the goal was to establish strong trust and confidence with the brands audience. To achieve this, the first step was to create a powerful home page, which clearly conveyed the brands offerings and values. However, because clutter wasn’t going to help, we created a design system which would allow the design to scale over time. Design on the whole was broken down into customer experience centric layouts. These included — a funtional hero section, press coverage, user reviews, services, and professional reviews as key elements. 

In essence, users could build trust quickly with the brand, while also using the website as a functional business growth tool. 

The website was also built from the ground up to ensure strong SEO capabilities which used strong on-page and off-page strategies by using services like SEMrush, and Google Search Console.

The App UI UX Design Approach

Since the home services category had some established players, it was important for any new brand to demonstrate its key differentiators. Our next goal was to clearly allow users to discover the wide variety of offerings quickly and clearly. Finally, since the brand was built around trust and extensive background checks for all service technicians, and hyperlocal marketing and local discovery were key factors, we optimized the UI to achieve that. 

The Chairman and founder, a global security services provider, worked directly with nudg strategy and design teams to help achieve his vision for the brand. 

Since the client had already trusted nudg to be the best UI UX Design agency for the project, they were also open to integrating inputs and suggestions from us. It started with a design sprint, where our team worked with the leadership team. Followed by detailed profiling, and user persona studies, surveys, and wireframing process. This also included fine-tuning the disconnected branding design with a unified color palette and design system. Finally, the entire flow of the app was mapped out using wireframes and design prototyping before being finalized and shared with the product & development teams to be launched as iOS and Android apps listed across India, Malaysia, and Dubai.

What is Social Media's Impact in Mobile App Marketing?

Social Media

As an early-stage brand that was launching across various cities simultaneously, Cheep wanted to make a splash with its digital marketing campaigns. Accordingly, the brand strategy was crafted to create buzz and launch in each city with localized messaging. This was also used when the service expanded to cover Malaysian and UAE markets. Local language marketing tactics helped the brand build rapport and earn trust with the local audience long before it began offering services. Alongside, campaigns also helped drive the recruitment of local professionals who were later listed on Cheep.

Diwali Campaigns for Cheep

In India, Diwali is celebrated with great gusto, quite like Christmas would be in the West. This is also a time of the year when Indian households typically clean and fix-up their homes in preparation for the festival. It goes without saying that the festival was a huge opportunity for the brand. 

Each festive season, the brand launched exciting offers and campaigns. As the digital marketing agency of record, nudg’s goal was to attract the audience to book cleaning, repair, and decoration services on the app. Campaigns were rolled out well ahead of the festive season to allow users to book their slots. The design and look for each campaign were customized to align with the offering and make a memorable impact. One such contest creative is showcased on the right which also used the brand jingle.

Project Highlights


To sum up the impact, the brand was able to rapidly test and launch its app thanks to having nudg as the UI UX Design company. Additional social media and marketing support for the app also helped it quickly solve customer acquisition and retention. 

Over time, the brand also worked closely with the nudg to work on startup growth marketing and also as a marketing consultant for research and customer growth. 


unique screens

The UI UX Design process mapped and designed screens and instances across the Android and iOS apps of the brand.



The app language was localized in Hindi, Tamil, and more including Arabic & Bahasa for UAE & Indonesian markets.

Other Services

Other Services

Apart from the primary services, the brand also worked with nudg across a variety of services. These included important services that secured critical brand pillars for the growing brand.

1-brand development
15-graphic design
8-PPC & Promotions
5-startup growth marketing

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