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Grow your business with a professional website design company. Our experienced team will link your business goals with the best website design that can perform and focus on delivering results.

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    Why hire the best
    website design company?

    Your website is amongst the most important investments you will make for your business. In 2021, more than ever before, your website will clarify what you stand for, what your business has to offer and help people decide if they trust your brand enough to work with you. That is why our website design process goes beyond our website designers, but also includes content writing experts, skilled business strategists, and web developers with decades of experience. As a full-service agency and counted amongst the top web design companies, nudg is equipped to deliver quality, performance websites to suit every business need.

    Back in 2014, it was estimated about 15,000 new websites are created each day. Fast forward to 2020, and that count has crossed over 500,000 new websites being launched every day. What does this mean for the brand you are trying to establish? It underscores the importance of great UI design, a wonderful user experience (UX), and more to ensure you make a lasting impression on every user visiting your website.

    Web design process

    What if you could do a lot more. Let us show you what we can do with advertising and content using new media.


    Project Planning

    We work closely with you to define the project goals, conduct key research, and set milestones. This also includes creating the website sitemap and flow.


    Web Development

    Our web developers will help you choose the right platform across WordPress, Shopify, or custom web development to suit your website or e-commerce needs.


    Web Design

    As a top web design company, our UI design process creates a clear design system for your website and uses website wireframes and design prototypes.


    Content & SEO

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is key to ensuring your website is found by your users. We create content that is both pleasing and fits your brand voice.


    Testing & Launch

    Since more users use their mobiles to surf, we ensure all our websites are mobile responsive, optimized for PageSpeed, and rigorously tested before release.


    Website Maintenance

    A website is an ongoing process, and we continue to improve user experience, ensure security, and drive the content strategy to drive more results & sales.

    Our latest work

    Frequently asked

    We have a time-tested web design process that always delivers results. This starts with a few rounds of discussions, a brief questionnaire, and a research exercise. Once done, and the technology platform is identified, we gather web design references, create a design mood-board. This helps you understand and share inputs on our approach. We then proceed to share wireframes and prototypes so you can review the design look and share your feedback before the web design and development begins. We work with you at every stage of the process to ensure you are getting the website you want.

    If however, you are looking only for the UI design for your website, and do not need us to develop the website, we can develop a bespoke plan based on your needs. These projects typically range from $5000 to $20,000 depending on the complexity and depth of the project.
    All our websites are custom-built based on the unique requirements of each project and hence billed differently. However, since we are a web design agency and love working with early-stage brands, we do take on projects starting at $3000 (INR 2.3L) and have also delivered with larger custom website projects going up to $50,000 (INR 37L). This again depends on the type of platform you choose to use, which can include WordPress website development, E-commerce websites using WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, OpenCart, or custom websites using Django (Python), ASP .NET, Ruby on Rails, PHP (Laravel, Codeignitor), Javascript or Headless CMS using React, Vue js, Angular, or others.
    Please note that these are only indicative, and we would be happy to help you with a custom quote for your needs.

    It might be one of the most important decisions you make, and hence it is best not taken lightly. While it is possible to build a website yourself or for cheap from any of thousands of web design companies online, you will most likely miss out on the actual benefits of having a well-designed website.
    Some of the biggest companies online pump millions of dollars if not billions, to give them a competitive edge. While you don’t have to do the same, it helps to choose a web design company that can guide you from their experience, partner with you in setting the project goals, and deliver quality on time and consistently. When it comes to website design or any digital marketing activity, you truly get only what you pay for. So if you expect a BMW and aren’t willing to shell out for more than a pre-owned relic, you shouldn’t be surprised if your ride isn’t as reliable.
    While that might seem self-serving, we would like to reiterate that you should make the decision carefully, and choose only the web design company you trust absolutely. We do the same with our clients, and only invest our passion and efforts in creating path-breaking designs for brands we really care about and trust absolutely.
    If you have any questions, set up an appointment and we’ll be happy to guide you to make the right choice.

    Always. We never repurpose designs and absolutely never replicate any existing designs. As a top website design company, we are passionate about our UI UX design process which has always found a way to arrive at a design we are excited to create, and our clients are proud to showcase. We also stay on top of the latest design trends and know which ones work for different brands. Once the UI design for your website is linked with your SEO, user experience, and unique brand voice, inevitably we would arrive at a perfectly unique web design and web development plan.
    We do study your competition and industry leaders to understand what is working for them and also look out for opportunities for your website to exploit. While also being a digital marketing agency and branding agency, our team of experts understands how important it is to be unique and memorable. We apply those same insights in ensuring our UX UI design is custom-built to match your needs.
    Even a glance at our existing work will demonstrate how different each website is while being contemporary, relevant, and highly performant. The only award-winning web designs we deliver are the ones that deliver the intended results for each client.

    A recent study found that only 5% of websites ever get consistent organic traffic, and the sheer number of websites being made each day can make it even more difficult for new websites to get found. This is again a unique advantage for nudg. As a full-service marketing agency, our professional web design services work closely with SEO and software and e-commerce development strategies to help every website get discovered.
    Websites can be made easier to discover online using various tactics including improving SEO around relevant keywords, a consistent & well-executed content strategy, social media posts, and additional digital marketing strategies. As a web design firm that has successfully delivered hundreds of websites, we have tried and tested methods that deliver results. From inbound marketing, landing pages, increasing sales, to reducing shopping-cart abandonment on e-commerce websites, nudg uses all the tactics you expect the best web design company to use.
    If you have any questions, you can consult us today, follow us on social media and our blog to learn more about how we improve websites for organic discovery.

    Our web design team uses state-of-the-art tools and services to deliver our work. These tools are used at various stages of the UI UX design process to help improve the quality of work, as well as improve collaboration between clients and our web design agency team.
    Some tools we use include:

    • We manage projects and collaboration using Basecamp
    • Communications over Slack & Flock for quick messaging
    • InVision app for design studies, and prototyping
    • Figma for UI design and development
    • We also occasionally use Sketch app for UI and Zeplin for design collaborations
    • Additional tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, SurferSEO etc are used for SEO & content
    • Analytics and tracking of UX is done using Pingdom, GTmetrix, Google Analytics, Hotjar etc.
    • We also use various agency services from ShutterStock, iStock Photo, VideoBlocks, etc for royalty-free photo and video content.
    As a top web design company that has delivered hundreds of successful websites, we have tried and tested many tools that can simplify and speed up the website design process for our clients and teams.
    If you are looking to only use our UI design services, as an experienced web design firm, we have worked extensively with global IT & web development teams to collaborate with them using tools they love. For this, our web designers use services like Figma, Sketch, InVision App, Zeplin, Trello, Asana, and others to help in the quick sharing of design assets with technology teams.

    Our web design services

    Marketing Strategy

    Every business needs a clear roadmap to success. We help you analyze trends, conduct research, and develop a plan that will give you the results you need to achieve to see your business grow.

    Graphic Design

    Great design happens when your brand is given the visual impact it needs to attract and inspire. Our design services give your brand professional and intuitive websites, apps and marketing designs.

    Technology and Development

    Bringing delivery full-circle, our own in-house software development team develops and delivers all key digital properties your brand needs from landing pages, websites, contests and even mobile apps.

    Marketing Services

    Every business needs a clear roadmap to success. We help you analyze trends, conduct research, and develop a plan that will give you the results you need to achieve to see your business grow.